Alarm System

Digital Frontier DFA5300 16 Zones

Effective vehicle traffic and parking access control for residential, commercial & industrial application.

DFA5300 16 Zones
With GSM
DFA5300 16 Zones


16 Fully Programmable Zones
Each protected area is fully programmed to operate on individual zone to allow a better coverage of your premises without having to share one zone with two to three protected areas.

2 Partition
The area partition allows the control panel to split zones into different area of operation. Each area carries a separate control for its designated functions. The panel operates effectively as two different systems by sharing with one alarm outputs.

Built-in Home Automation 
The control panel in the system can turn your system on or off with your pin number and control output that activate anything that can be switched on and off (light, electric door, radio, air conditioner and etc.)

Built-in Voice Synthesizer
The Voice assisted security control provides you with understandable English audible information about the status of your security system. The voice announcement are : zone open , zone triggered, system status, system armed/disarmed, home automation, memory/bypass mode, ac failed/restored, battery low. The message is easily accessible through your mobile phone.

Built-In Smart Dialer
The smart dialer built in the system is able to alert you or CMS or both parties when the alarm triggers. It also enables you to access your system and monitor your premises anytime anywhere.

One Year Warranty Against Lighting Strike
The control panel is fully protected by a suppressor to suppress high current surge causes by lightning.

16 Programmable Zones
Maximum 6 Keypads
Baby Friendly Commands
Built-in One touch Arming
Status Indicators
event memory
2 Partition
zone Sensitivity Adjustable
intelligent Switching Arming Mode
Multiple User Codes
Built-in 4 Automation Point
Built-in Multiple Fuses for Better Protection
Keypads Lockout to Prevent Unauthorized Guessing
2 Intelligent Zones to Minimize False Alarm
Programmable Siren Timer
Auto Arm/ Disarm Timer
Both Way Reporting to CMS & 4 Personal Numbers

SMS Reporting (DFA5300 GSM)
Fax Machine Override
Remote Arm/Disarm Via Mobile Phone
All Triggered Zones Indication Via Mobile Phone
Zone Status Check Via Mobile Phone
Remote On/Off Automation Via Mobile Phone
Home Automation – Motion Sensor
Home Automation – Follow Zone Open
Home Automation – Follow Timer 1 & 8
Home Automation – Follow Entry & Exit Time
Home Automation – Follow Zone Triggered
Home Automation – Follow Trouble Condition Exists
Home Automation – DVR Channel Switching
Dynamic Batter Test
Door Chime
Walk Test Mode
Watchdog Monitoring to Prevent Lighting Surge